zaterdag 31 augustus 2013


Dear readers,

I'm really happy to tell you that I got accepted to the art academy:)
I will keep you updated with some work i'll make and project i am going to work on.

Yeajjjj I'm so glad that I can finally study at this academy:)


dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

Audition time

Hi dear vintage lovers,
Today I have my audition for the art academy. I' m so nervous, because I want it so bad to study there. Art and fashion are my passion so this school would be amazing for me. So fingers crossed that I will be accepted:)
Love, F

Long gone...but not for long

Hii dear readers,
Sorry we have been so long gone. But we want to make some changes. Another way..more vintage and more posts. Ofcourse it takes some time deciding all of this togehter, also because we are going back to school now...hopefully. When we have news you all will be the first to know!
Are you also starting a new year of school? What are you going to wear your first day?
If you have any questions our suggestions for our blog, please contact us:)

Love F&E

woensdag 12 juni 2013


Hi readers,
Today the King and Queen of the Netherlands were in my hometown. It was so nice to see how many people actually came to see them! I had to work, but fortunally we had an amazing view as you can see on some pictures.
Later this day I coloured my hair for the first time:) It's a little more blond, but not exacly like I wanted it to be. But afterall I will just have to get used to it I guess and otherwise I'll colour it again;) will be posted later, because now it looks awful because of the hairdryer and the wind haha

What did you do today?

vrijdag 7 juni 2013

Sunny day

Hi dear readers,
What a beautiful warm weather we have here in Holland. Today we decided to get out for a drink and watch this beauiful view! What are your favourite things to do when it's nice weather?


vrijdag 31 mei 2013

In progress

Hi everyone,

We have done some work on the blog, what do you think? It's still not totally as we want it to be ,but I think we are going to change it many times anyway. But we are really happy with the result already...still learning more and more about blogging every day. Blogging is so much fun!:)


woensdag 29 mei 2013


Hi you!
I wanted to let you all know that fauve et elizabeth also has got an instagram since a few days:)
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